Bonnie Wong

Bonnie Wong is an experienced designer who received her training at OCADU. Here, she developed her own style and concept of design. Always having an appreciation for simplicity and beauty, she views the world with a lens that sees the intrinsic connectivity of every shape and colour. Being in the field for over five years, she adds this honed eye to her designs, bringing about an artistic flare that is both natural and bold.

The goal for every work her hands touch is to not leave her workbench (in this case, her trusty Macbook) before reaching a certain standard of aesthetic design. With this ethos (which she also applies to her cups of coffee), she has brought many projects to production that pleased not only her clients, but also the target stakeholders. Some of these companies include Indigo, Nadège, Mount Sinai Foundation, and many more.

Not to be limited to just branding and corporate design, she flexes her personal creativity by designing greeting cards, wedding stationary, and the odd book cover.


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